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Music Buzz

mu·sic - (myoo-zik) - noun - an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color
We're super passionate about songs, bands, artists, and music in general. We love to buzz about bands and artists we love, and some of them are awesome enough to do interviews with us here!
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Music Buzz: The Farewell Circuit Interview »

The Farewell Circuit Interview
what’s the buzz?

The Farewell Circuit

the boyz…

Danny O’Brien, DJ House, Alex Young, Matt O’Brien, Dan Lawonn

why we’re buzzing…

if we ever need to feel lifted up, lighted up, and filled with hope, this band is a perfect place for our hearts to run to. inspired lyrics, sweet melodies, and genuine passion. they just recently released another EP, ‘We Were Wolves’, so we’re hopin’ y’all will be sweet to your lil’ ears, and check ’em out.

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Music Buzz: Slow Runner Interview »

Slow Runner Interview
what’s the buzz?

Slow Runner

the boyz…

Michael Flynn, Josh Kaler, Jonathan Gray, and Scott Baumil

why we’re buzzing…

we’ve all been collectively obsessed with Slow Runner for 4-eva. Michael Flynn did an interview for our old blog, and we had to move it over here just in case anyone missed out on having a chance to fall in love with this band.

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