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mu·sic - (myoo-zik) - noun - an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color
We're super passionate about songs, bands, artists, and music in general. We love to buzz about bands and artists we love, and some of them are awesome enough to do interviews with us here!

Music Buzz: The Farewell Circuit Interview

The Farewell Circuit Interview
what's the buzz?

The Farewell Circuit

the boyz…

Danny O'Brien, DJ House, Alex Young, Matt O'Brien, Dan Lawonn

why we're buzzing…

if we ever need to feel lifted up, lighted up, and filled with hope, this band is a perfect place for our hearts to run to. inspired lyrics, sweet melodies, and genuine passion. they just recently released another EP, ‘We Were Wolves', so we're hopin' y'all will be sweet to your lil' ears, and check 'em out.

Preview And Download The Farewell Circuit…

no matter what kind of music we're listening to in a moment… silly pop songs, fun dance songs, rock songs, hip hop, electronic, folk, country – whatever – the songs we love are living, breathing characters in our life stories. one summer night in nashville, we were all dangling our feet in percy priest lake, watching the sunset, and The Farewell Circuit's ‘Like A House On Fire' came on. like a scene straight from a movie, the breeze was blowing, the sun faded, and none of us said a word…but all of us felt everything each other was thinking, because we were all connected by a song… “where words fail, music speaks”, is super true for us.

The Farewell Circuit Interview

the boys gave us an interview a while ago, and we're reposting a lil' bit of it to show 'em some love for the new ep release. at the time of the interview, the boys had a live performance video featured on Coldplay's website, and they had just raised money to make a new record through a Project, so we asked them about that awesomeness and about a little bit of randomness too…

The Pretty Princess Girls:
Congratulations on having “Guard” on the Coldplay exhibit! How amazing was that? Did it geek you out at all? Like…”Coldplay is totally staring at my face in a video right now. Chris Martin is watching me play guitar on this flowered couch. Sweet.”

The Farewell Circuit:
DJ House: I remember submitting it and thinking.. well we have had absolutely no luck with just sending our stuff out cold to places/radio/blogs… So nothing is going to happen. I was napping one afternoon and Danny texted me about it rather surprised as I forgot to mention to them that I had done it. It was funny to see my basement up on a website that thousands of people visit daily.. Also, we should have edited out the beginning.. but that's just how off the cuff the whole thing was.. I'm pretty sure the band doesn't have much to do with the content and that in fact, its probably a low level intern at Parlophone Records who we owe a beer to whenever we make it to London. Either way, it certainly was cool and if they did see it.. I'm wondering why we aren't pegged to be their opener on their next tour yet… :).
Danny O'Brien Yeah, it was really great! When I first saw it I thought someone was pulling a very cruel and unusual prank on us. While I doubt that Chris (or any of the band members) actually watch the video, it's encouraging to know that some 3,000 other people did as a result of hosting it!
Geoff Harnell: Thanks! Having our video for “Guard” on definitely put a smile on our face 🙂 Having your work affirmed and displayed by an artist you respect is encouraging, especially when in the midst of creating a new record and fleshing out songs that you are fine tuning. We were not informed of this nod by Coldplay however, and found out through a fan which was quite humorous.

The Pretty Princess Girls:
Everything we know about you guys is through your music, so we could easily get the impression that you are all pretty deep, thoughtful, and intense. But we figure you guys can't be 24-7 intense… there has to be some weird and funny happening. So if each member of the band had to pick a female celebrity to play your character in a movie, who would play each of you, and why?

The Farewell Circuit Band Interview

The Farewell Circuit:
DJ House: Hmmm.. Because the crush factor is really high on her character at the moment I'd choose Lizzy Caplan (from the brilliant “Party Down”) because she'd make me way wittier and much more attractive than Danny and Geoff and their faux female doppelgangers.
Danny O'Brien Velma from Scooby Doo…she's great. BUT seriously…maybe Gwyneth Paltrow (and I hope you realize that I am bound by contract to say this, because after all, Chris Martin and I are friends and our kids play together…it only makes sense).
Geoff Harnell: Meg Ryan would play my character. She is that charming that I believe she could make me seem far more wonderful than the truth holds.

The Pretty Princess Girls:
We're so excited you guys made your goal on your Kickstarter project! 🙂 Things like Kickstarter are kind of a sign of the times of the music industry. We actually think it's awesome that by pledging, as fans we almost get to feel like we have a little piece of our hearts invested in the record. Even though it would be a lot easier to have a record label come in and pay for everything, do you guys think there is something kind of empowering for you guys, and special for your fans about music being developed through that kind of community DIY method?

The Farewell Circuit:
DJ House: I'd hope it's just a natural extension of us as people and the people we try and surround ourselves with. Turns out, a lot of people were interested in the fact they could pre-order an album that wouldn't exist without that very help. It's all at once humbling, pressuring, and a little odd I guess. Once you get over wrestling with the whole feeling that you're digitally panhandling, its pretty outstanding people gave what they gave. It also manifested itself into a nice boost of confidence to finish writing the new record.
Danny O'Brien (hereafter referred to as DO): Absolutely. The homegrown/communal method of raising the necessary funds for the record gives us great pleasure. Community is very important to us and we are so grateful to have such devoted and generous people around us.
Geoff Harnell: Kickstarter is a great example of a community of people coming together to invest their resources towards a project they believe in. This community has taken another step in the progression of independent artists who desire to be independent from the record labels of today and it's an extremely exciting and encouraging environment knowing that every individual involved is using their voice to say they believe in the project and want to play a vital role in the creation of art.

The Farewell Circuit – Guard
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