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fash·ion - (fash'-un) - noun - a form of self-expression through a style, trend, look, or mode of dress and presentation
To us, fashion is creative and fun, and even a fun part of creating your identity in the world. We love getting inspired by fashion trends, or creating our own fashion trend inspirations. Whether it's a new style we're seeing around that we're excited about, or it's a style we rock that we want to share with the world, we love to buzz about our favorite fashion finds, fashion inspirations, and fashion obsessions here.
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A Little Luv In Your Fashion »

what’s the buzz?

Heart Fashion Touches

hearts all over…

febraury is the month where hearts start poppin’ up all over stuff, so we wanted to put together some fashion inspiration with little hearts worked in. think hearts on sweaters and vests, hearts on tees and scarves, heart necklaces, purses and earrings, and even hearts in nail polish. we each put together an outfit in our style with touches of heart love.

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Holiday Party Princess »

what’s the buzz?

Holiday Party Dresses

pretty princess…

whether it’s winter formal, a holiday season party, or celebrating the goodbye of 2013 on new years eve, a girl’s gotta have the perfect dress to make her feel like she’s shinin’ bright on a winter night. we put together some dress inspiration in 3 of our fav holiday dress colors, and if y’all are looking for a dress, we put together some collages and style info from stores we love that have tons of cute dresses to check out. good luck finding your perfect princess dress :).

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A Little Color In The Cold »

what’s the buzz?

Bringing your favrit’ color into your cold weather fashion.

brighten up…

just because it’s chilly and gray outside, it doesn’t mean your entire wardrobe has to be dull and dreary or drowning in only browns and grays. you can brighten up your basic boots and jeans outfit by pulling your fav color in with a cardigan, a scarf, and some pretty nail polish. we each put together a fall outfit with a little love from our favorite colors.

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Tons Of Cute Boots »

what’s the buzz?

Tons of super cute boots for fall.

all kinds of boots…

the funnest part about fall fashion is def bringing out all of our boots. we all love every kind of boots from sexy, chic and trendy for dressin’ up, to cute, casual and flirty for chillin’ out, to western and cowboy boots when we’re luvin’ on our country roots. we picked out some of the cutest boots we could find in some of our fav styles to inspire y’all to have some fun and go boots shopping.

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Gypsy Spirits »

what’s the buzz?

Fashion inspired by our gypsy spirits.

the energy of a gypsy soul…

we’re road trippers, daydreamers, adventure seekers, stargazers, wish makers, poetry obsessed hopeless romantics, forever youngin’s, and restless spirits, with heads full of dreams and hearts full of love. our perfect day would be filled with joy and fun, travel, nature, spontaneity, giving love and light, and the magical things in life, so we put together some fashion inspired by our free spirited natures.

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What’s Your Bikini Personality? »

what’s the buzz?

What’s Your Bikini Personality?

the bikini shopping…

when we pick out bikinis it’s more than just a what looks cute on my body type a thing, it’s also a what makes my personality shine type a thing too. if we’re gonna be runnin’ ’round in itty bitty bits of fabric, we def want to feel comfortable in our skin and confident in our style, so we pick out bikinis that embrace our jenna, ash, krissie, and cam-ness.

our bikini style…

we each put together a bikini mashup of our own personality. so what kind of bikini embraces your energy and makes you feel comfortable, confident and free? what’s y’alls bikini personality?

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How To Wear Cute Cowboy Boots »

what’s the buzz?

How To Wear Cute And Girly Cowboy Boots

why we’re buzzing…

as country girls, if there is one thing we sure know how to wear, it’s cute cowboy boots. but we don’t think you have to be a southern girl to wear the boot style, and you also don’t have to rope or ride. in fact, we’re serious girly girls, and we love to rock our cowboy boots in feminine fashion.

getting the look…

so say you have always wanted to wear cowboy style boots, but you’re not sure just how to pull it off. well, we wanted to hook y’all up with some inspiration on 4 ways girly girls cowgirl up…

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