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fash·ion - (fash'-un) - noun - a form of self-expression through a style, trend, look, or mode of dress and presentation
To us, fashion is creative and fun, and even a fun part of creating your identity in the world. We love getting inspired by fashion trends, or creating our own fashion trend inspirations. Whether it's a new style we're seeing around that we're excited about, or it's a style we rock that we want to share with the world, we love to buzz about our favorite fashion finds, fashion inspirations, and fashion obsessions here.

2013 Prom Dress Style Inspiration

what's the buzz?

2013 Head To Toe Prom Look Inspiration

why we're buzzing…

it's prom season, so it was time for us to get formally inspired.

choosing a prom vibe…

depending on your school, your style, or the season's trends, prom looks can range from short and understated, to long and dramatic. it can be hard to decide which direction to go. we say, feel out what you're friends are wearing, just to kind of see what the vibe of your prom is going to be overall – like, will most girls be decked out in ball gowns, or sleeked up in short dresses? then, once you have an idea of your overall prom vibe, focus on you. what's your personality? what will you feel beautiful and comfortable in? what style will make you shine that night?

put together the look…

after you have a style in mind you want to go for, then hunt down a perfect dress! whether it's a vintage throwback, a debutante showstopper, or a sexy cocktail number, just pick something that embraces your energy. then, build your look around it… shoes, the purse, the makeup , the hair… wrap yourself up in a head to toe prom look.

bite our style…

each of us followed the above formula and put together a prom look that embraces our unique spirits. do you vibe with any of our styles?

Jenna – Glamour Girl

jenna is the kind of girl that can pull off glamour. she picked a look that's sexy, sparkly, and would light up the prom, just like her confidence lights up any room.

Cameron – Lady In Red

cam is elegant and inspired, and so is her look. she chose a classy red dress that highlights her femininity, and would be timeless at any prom.

Krissie – Prom Princess

krissie is sweet and soft, and so is her prom style. she went with a light peachy pink dress, and dolled it up with girly makeup and acccessories that embrace her innocent spirit.

Ashlee – Flirty Fashionista

ash is the girl that would walk into the prom and get the party started. she'd be the first girl to dance, and she'd be on the floor all night long. she chose a look that's sassy, bold, and sums up her fun and outgoing spirit.

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