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Bite Her Style: Pretty Floral Dress »

Floral Dress & Red Cardigan
what’s the look?

Pretty Floral Dress & Red Cardigan

the original dress…

here »

ashlee’s b-day dress…

tomorrow is miss ashlee’s bday(happy bday sweetheart!), and she saw dress on we heart it, then found the exact same dress online, and ordered it to wear for her bday dinner tomorrow. turns out it’s fa-reezing in nashville right now, so she’s probably gonna have to save this for later, but we’re posting it anyways cause she totally adores it :).

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We Heart This Sweater Top »

Cute Black Sweater Top
we heart this…

Sexy & Elegant Sweater Top

the threads…

fitted ruched detail, v-neck, tunic-length sweater.

why we heart it…

style wise the top is totally jenna meets cameron. the fitted v-neck style is sexy like jenna, and the ruched detail and tunic length give it an elegant feel like cam’s style. it comes in a bunch of different colors, so krissie & ash could get prettied up in it too. the sweater material makes it perfect for staying warm while you’re looking gorgeous, and we each put together a super cute look with the top in our own style.

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Holiday Party Princess »

what’s the buzz?

Holiday Party Dresses

pretty princess…

whether it’s winter formal, a holiday season party, or celebrating the goodbye of 2013 on new years eve, a girl’s gotta have the perfect dress to make her feel like she’s shinin’ bright on a winter night. we put together some dress inspiration in 3 of our fav holiday dress colors, and if y’all are looking for a dress, we put together some collages and style info from stores we love that have tons of cute dresses to check out. good luck finding your perfect princess dress :).

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Fantasy Football »

Sexy Football Fashion
what’s the buzz?

NFL Football Fantasy For The Boy

love & sports…

ya just can’t predict who your soulmate’s fav sports teams are gonna be, so ya gotta love ’em opposing team colors and all. cameron’s boy is colorado born and raised so he’s a die hard denver broncos fan. cam is a true blue tennessee titans girl and that ain’t changin’ no way no how, not even for his cute lil’ face, haha. but when it comes to making our boy feel special on his special day, all pride goes out the door, and we’ll do anything to make his heart race.

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A Little Color In The Cold »

Fall Fashion
what’s the buzz?

Bringing your favrit’ color into your cold weather fashion.

brighten up…

just because it’s chilly and gray outside, it doesn’t mean your entire wardrobe has to be dull and dreary or drowning in only browns and grays. you can brighten up your basic boots and jeans outfit by pulling your fav color in with a cardigan, a scarf, and some pretty nail polish. we each put together a fall outfit with a little love from our favorite colors.

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Color Crush: Romantic Red »

Romantic Red Fashion
what’s the color crush?

Romantic Red

red symbolism…

love, passion, romance, infatuation, sensuality, confidence, courage, vitality, it’s believed that red quickens the heartbeat, and in china red symbolizes good luck and fortune.

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Cute Belly Rings »

Cute Cheap Belly Button Rings
what’s the buzz?

What’s Your Belly Button Ring Style?

we’re not piercing & tattoo girls…

for piercings all we’ve got are ears & bellies, and not a single tattoo on any of us girls. nuthin’ against ’em on other people… in fact we all think they’re crazy sexy on boys. but when it comes to our own skin we’re just super girly, and all of us love having pure sweet soft untouched skin :). but earrings and belly rings are still girly, so they go in our accessories yes please zone.

our belly ring styles…

even though belly rings are cute, they could get not cute right quick, so we go with pieces that fit who are and keep to our personalities….

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