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We Heart This

heart it - (härt it) - verb - to like, adore, or desire something cute, awesome, charming, delightful, attractive, inspiring, rad, or neat
When we're working on Pretty Princess we spend alot of time exploring a ton of sites on the web and we're always seeing stuff that we adore. Sometimes what we find is so cute, awesome, adorable, etc. that we just have to share it with y'all here.

We Heart Pixi Beauty Blush

Tinkerbell Makeup
we heart this…

Beauty Blush from Pixi Beauty »

why we heart it…

we love good quality, good for your skin makeup. the blush comes in 4 colors and has honeysuckle flower which is anti-inflammatory – so think of your blush fighting wrinkles, flare-ups, and puffiness. it's also talc free, paraben free, and fragrance free, so yay for natural ingredients.

the colors…

it comes in 4 shades… ‘Healthiest Honey' which is a soft neutral nude, ‘Purest Peach' which is a natural light peach tone, ‘Perkiest Pink' that's a glowing gold pink, and ‘Rosy Rouge' that's a true rose shade.

Pixi Beauty Blush
the price…

$16.00 …so def not over the top.

get the Pixi Beauty Blush »

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