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ran·dom·ness - (ran-duhm-ness) - noun - a variety; an undefined and eclectic collection of ideas without definite aim, purpose, reason, or method
We have lots of other stuff we want to buzz about, but we can be pretty random, so we made a section for basically...whatever!
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Teen Things – I Wished Upon A Single Star…

“Tonight I wished upon a single star, and wondered where you are, and then I felt a warm glow… I carry you in my heart… now I know.”

– Jane Lee Logan.

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Teen Things – Miracles

“Faith doesn’t make sense. It makes miracles.”

– Tony Evans

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Teen Things – Love, Honesty, Appreciation…

“Live a life of love, honesty, appreciation, kindness and strength… sprinkled with a little silliness.”

– Anonymous

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We Heart This Sweater Top »

Cute Black Sweater Top
we heart this…

Sexy & Elegant Sweater Top

the threads…

fitted ruched detail, v-neck, tunic-length sweater.

why we heart it…

style wise the top is totally jenna meets cameron. the fitted v-neck style is sexy like jenna, and the ruched detail and tunic length give it an elegant feel like cam’s style. it comes in a bunch of different colors, so krissie & ash could get prettied up in it too. the sweater material makes it perfect for staying warm while you’re looking gorgeous, and we each put together a super cute look with the top in our own style.

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Learn A Little French – Your Hand In Mine »

the beauty in the little things ♥

what’s the phrase?

“Ta main dans la mienne”

what’s the translation?

“Your hand in mine”

how do you say it?

listen and practice »

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Teen Things – I Like The Way You Are

“I like the way you are. I Like how your eyes sound like poetry when they look at me. I like the way you are, I like who you are, unapologetically. I like the way you talk. I like how you speak, your mouth is filled with beauty… so is your soul. I like every bit of you, really.”

– C.B.

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Teen Things – Before I Knew

“You were you, and I was I; we were two before our time. I was yours before I knew, and you have always been mine too.”

– Lang Leav

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