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ran·dom·ness - (ran-duhm-ness) - noun - a variety; an undefined and eclectic collection of ideas without definite aim, purpose, reason, or method
We have lots of other stuff we want to buzz about, but we can be pretty random, so we made a section for basically...whatever!
Charlotte Russe

Teen Things – To The Moon And Back

“I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, I love you as far as the east is from the west, as far as the north is from the south, I love you forever and always… I love you.”

– Sydne Burrow

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Learn A Little French – Keeper Of My Soul… »

soulmates ♥

what’s the phrase?

“Gardien de mon âme, titulaire de mon coeur”

what’s the translation?

“Keeper of my soul, holder of my heart”

how do you say it?

listen and practice »

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Teen Things – Magic, Possibility & Cookies

“Reach as high as you can, and then reach a little higher. There you will find magic and possibility…. and maybe even cookies.”

– Marc Johns

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Teen Things – When Your Hand Slipped Into Mine

“And when your hand slipped into mine I knew that I was home.”

– Sweet Things

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Teen Things – Listen Closely…

“Let your heart guide you… It whispers, so listen closely.”

– Littlefoot’s Mother

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Teen Things – A Football Fan Prayer

“Our father, who art in Heaven, Football be thy name. May a superbowl ring come, and thy will be done, on the road, and in the home stadium. Give us this day, our players at their best, and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who pass rush against us. Lead us not into overtime, but deliver us into the post season. For thine is the kingdom, the glory, and a football fan forever, Amen.”

– A Football Fan Prayer

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Teen Things – Dragonflies And Stars

“May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon. May you grow up with love and gracious hearts & people who care. Welcome to the world little ones. It’s been waiting for you.”

– Sweet Things

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