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fash·ion - (fash'-un) - noun - a form of self-expression through a style, trend, look, or mode of dress and presentation
To us, fashion is creative and fun, and even a fun part of creating your identity in the world. We love getting inspired by fashion trends, or creating our own fashion trend inspirations. Whether it's a new style we're seeing around that we're excited about, or it's a style we rock that we want to share with the world, we love to buzz about our favorite fashion finds, fashion inspirations, and fashion obsessions here.

How To Wear Cute Cowboy Boots

what's the buzz?

How To Wear Cute And Girly Cowboy Boots

why we're buzzing…

as country girls, if there is one thing we sure know how to wear, it's cute cowboy boots. but we don't think you have to be a southern girl to wear the boot style, and you also don't have to rope or ride. in fact, we're serious girly girls, and we love to rock our cowboy boots in feminine fashion.

getting the look…

so say you have always wanted to wear cowboy style boots, but you're not sure just how to pull it off. well, we wanted to hook y'all up with some inspiration on 4 ways girly girls cowgirl up…

Cowboy Boots With Dresses

think extra feminine cowboy boots in a slouchy fashion style, or some classic style ones with pretty patterns. then pair them with summer style dresses like floral print, all white, or dresses with lace and eyelet accents.

Cowboy Boots With Jeans

think sleek and chic cowboy boots in black suede, leopard print, or with some sassy fringe. then pair them with skinny jeans, and top the look off with a sexy tank top or corset.

Cowboy Boots With Skirts

think girly, slouchy, heeled, and with pretty patterns. then pair them with sweet and feminine tops worn with chambry, floral, and layered style skirts.

Cowboy Boots With Shorts

think classic style boots in different patterns and colors. then pair them with cutoff jean shorts, and casual but girly summer tops.


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