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Bite Her Style: Pretty Floral Dress »

Floral Dress & Red Cardigan
what’s the look?

Pretty Floral Dress & Red Cardigan

the original dress…

here »

ashlee’s b-day dress…

tomorrow is miss ashlee’s bday(happy bday sweetheart!), and she saw dress on we heart it, then found the exact same dress online, and ordered it to wear for her bday dinner tomorrow. turns out it’s fa-reezing in nashville right now, so she’s probably gonna have to save this for later, but we’re posting it anyways cause she totally adores it :).

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A Little Luv In Your Fashion »

what’s the buzz?

Heart Fashion Touches

hearts all over…

febraury is the month where hearts start poppin’ up all over stuff, so we wanted to put together some fashion inspiration with little hearts worked in. think hearts on sweaters and vests, hearts on tees and scarves, heart necklaces, purses and earrings, and even hearts in nail polish. we each put together an outfit in our style with touches of heart love.

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Our Crush On Hip Hop Cutie Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales »

Fashion Inspired By Olivia Chachi Gonzales
who’s the girl crush?

Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales – the most adorable.hip hop dancer.ever.

where you know her from…

she’s a professional choreographer and dancer, she was part of the 2011 America’s Best Dance Crew champs, ‘I aM mE’, and she was the lead “Baby One More Time” schoolgirl dancer in the Britney Spears Tribute on the 2011 VMA’s.

why we’re crushing…

she’s got this so so cute girly tomboy thing goin’. off stage she’s ridiculously sweet, shy, silly, baby voiced… and on stage she’s a crazy skilled, on fire hip hop dancer. she’s one of krissie’s dance idols and one of all of us girls’ very favorite dancers.

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Color Crush: Ocean Blue »

Ocean Blue Fashion
what’s the color crush?

The turquoise and aqua blue tones of Ocean Blue

ocean blue symbolism…

clarity of thought, balance and harmony, tranquility, truthfulness, idealism, independence, empathy and caring, the connection between emotion and spirituality, your voice and how you express yourself, and it’s the color of the evolved soul.

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Gypsy Spirits »

Cute Bohemian Style
what’s the buzz?

Fashion inspired by our gypsy spirits.

the energy of a gypsy soul…

we’re road trippers, daydreamers, adventure seekers, stargazers, wish makers, poetry obsessed hopeless romantics, forever youngin’s, and restless spirits, with heads full of dreams and hearts full of love. our perfect day would be filled with joy and fun, travel, nature, spontaneity, giving love and light, and the magical things in life, so we put together some fashion inspired by our free spirited natures.

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Summer Camp Style »

Girl In Plaid Shirt
what’s the crush?

Our fashion crush on summer camp inspired fashion.

why we’re crushing…

summer camp is some of our favorite memories from our summers growing up. whether it was cheer camp, girl scout camp, or just good ol’ campin’, we love summertime in the woods, at a cabin, or tenting it under the stars. cameron was a counselor at a girl’s camp this summer and so we were reminded of those days… and of how much we love cute camping outfits.

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Bite Her Style: American Girl »

American Flag Bikini
what’s the look?

American Girl

the lyrics…

“American girls are feathers and cream, making me feel so incredible.”
– Counting Crows

the outfit…

the always cute, and super classic, american flag bikini.

why we’re buzzing…

it’s 2 days ’till the most spirited day of the year, and what better way to get inspired than some patriotic fashion luv. cam has a bikini just like this and she’ll be all cute-ed up in it on thursday.

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