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Lyrics Luv

mu·sic - (myoo-zik) - noun - an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color
We're inspired by lyrics... pasionate ones, clever ones, creative ones, ones we relate to... and we post some of our favs here, just for little bits of inspiration.
Love Pastry

Lyrics Luv – Be Here Now »

“Dont lose your faith in me, and I will try not to lose faith in you, don’t put your trust in walls, cause walls will only crush you when they fall… Be, be here now, be here now.”

– Ray LaMontagne / Be Here Now

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Lyrics Luv – This Big »

“I’ll love you to the moon and back, I’ll love you all the time, deeper than the ocean, and higher than the pines… I love you this big, eyes have never seen this big, no one’s ever dreamed this big.”

– Scotty McCreery / This Big

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Lyrics Luv – Don’t You Worry Child »

“You are loved, no mistake, you are perfectly made… see Heaven’s got a plan for you.”

– Anthem Lights / Don’t You Worry Child

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Lyrics Luv – Promises »

“I never knew how much you’d want to live again with innocence… and we can make promises, forget the way we live, I can excite your soul… it’s never too late… and we can run away”

– The Boxer Rebellion / Promises

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Lyrics Luv – Between The Raindrops »

“Hold on and take a breath, I’ll be here every step, walking between the raindrops with you.”

– Lifehouse / Between The Raindrops

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Lyrics Luv – The Beauty Surrounds »

“There’s some lights in your eyes that I follow about… In the sky and in all my fields of stars… There’s a color in your eyes that nobody knows but me.”

– Houses / The Beauty Surrounds

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Lyrics Luv – Compass »

“You want to give up cause it’s dark, we’re really not that far apart, so let your heart sweetheart be your compass when you’re lost”

– Lady Antebellum / Compass

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