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mu·sic - (myoo-zik) - noun - an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color
We wish we could have music surround us like it does in the movies. But, since life doesn't really have a score, we love making mix tapes and soundtracks to our lives. We make them for ourselves, for each other, for other friends, family, strangers, whoever. They are random...and we share 'em here. Check them out, love them, make fun of them, download the songs...whatever :).
Charlotte Russe

Our Very Merry Christmas Mix Tape »

2013 Pop Christmas Songs
what’s the mix?

Our 2013 Merry Christmas Songs Mix Tape

gettin’ in the christmas spirit…

we loooove christmas time. yay for presents, winter weather, cozy by the fire, hot cocoa & marshmallows, and christmas spirit music. ok, so we can only handle so much of it, but when do put on some christmas music we like the fun pop, country, rock, r&b, and indie songs we can sing along too, sooo we put together a lil’ christmas mix of remakes and new school christmas songs y’all can steal to bring on your own holiday cheer.

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The Soundtrack Of Our Summer »

Summer Songs Mix Tape
what’s the mix?

Our 2013 Summer Soundtrack Mix Tape

the soundtrack of our summer…

our 2013 summer has been filled with fun, friends, and findin’ ourselves. and no matter how we’ve spent our summer days, they’ve all been filled with music from sunrise to sunset. we started crushing on some new songs, and shuffled through our itunes and brought back some old favs. there have been songs we danced to, songs we road tripped to, songs we daydreamed to, songs that inspired us, love songs that made us swoon, songs that gave us comfort and hope, and songs that celebrated summer, sun, and shinin’ our light. so check out our 2013 summer mix tape, and maybe add a lil’ summer song luv to your soundtracks…

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Mix Tape: “No Boys Allowed” Slumber Party Mix »

Slumber Party Mix
what’s the mix?

"No Boys Allowed" – A Girly Girls Only Slumber Party Mix Tape

the girls only weekend…

krissie, her friend nicole, and a big group of girls in cali just rented a cabin by a lake for a girls only weekend to chill, have fun, be girly, and be somewhere beautiful. there were def no boys allowed in the fun, but there was a massive slumber party fest with cupcakes & s’mores, girl movies, a wannabe fashion show, bubbles in a hot tub, sleeping under the stars, and of course… a dance off.

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Mix Tape: Soulmate Songs »

what’s the mix?

Soulmate Songs

what’s the theme?

songs that make us think about “the one”, “the forever”… the other half of your soul kinda stuff.

we all believe in soulmates, and krissie always has this cute way she describes certain songs… she calls them “soulmate songs” 😀 . by soulmate songs she means the songs that make us feel that thing we can’t explain… it’s an energy we feel in our hearts where just know the other half of our soul is real… we can’t describe it because it’s unlike anything else… ever, and no matter what we go through in our lives, we all believe that there are is one soul we’re meant to love for forever. we picked out songs that make us “feel” the energy of, and think about, what a soulmate is.

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