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Girl Crush

pret·ty prin·cess - (prit-ee prĭn-sěs') - noun - jolie princesse, bella principessa, princesa bonita, la princessa, dejlige prinsesse, pen prinsesse
We adore other girls. We feel like the more you are willing to see the beauty and awesomeness in other girls, the stronger your own self esteem can be. We love their style, their energy, their personalities, we think they're beautiful, talented, inspiring, and we gush about our girl crushes here.
Charlotte Russe

Our Crush On Hip Hop Cutie Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales »

Fashion Inspired By Olivia Chachi Gonzales
who’s the girl crush?

Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales – the most adorable.hip hop dancer.ever.

where you know her from…

she’s a professional choreographer and dancer, she was part of the 2011 America’s Best Dance Crew champs, ‘I aM mE’, and she was the lead “Baby One More Time” schoolgirl dancer in the Britney Spears Tribute on the 2011 VMA’s.

why we’re crushing…

she’s got this so so cute girly tomboy thing goin’. off stage she’s ridiculously sweet, shy, silly, baby voiced… and on stage she’s a crazy skilled, on fire hip hop dancer. she’s one of krissie’s dance idols and one of all of us girls’ very favorite dancers.

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Our Girl Crush On Dance Cutie Chelsie Hightower »

Fashion Inspired By Chelsie Hightower
who’s the girl crush?

Chelsie Hightower – latin and ballroom dancer who broke out on season 4 of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and has been a ‘Dancing With The Stars’ pro eva since.

why we’re crushing…

she’s one of krissie’s favrit’ dancers ever, and she’s all of us girls’ fav ballroom dancer. she’s crazy gorgeous, but she’s got this sweet down to earth tomboy thing goin’ that we think is so cute. back before we saw chelsie dance on her SYTYCD season we always kind of thought ballroom was for old people haha, but chelsie made latin and ballroom dancing young and fun and cool, and we totally got into it. krissie started latin ballroom classes this year and chelsie is def her ballroom inspiration.

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Our Major Girl Crush On Lily Aldridge »

Fashion Inspired By Lily Aldridge
who’s the girl crush?

Lily Aldridge

she’s jenna’s fashion luv…

today is jenna’s b-day(happy b-day princess jenna!), and lily is her fav style icon, so we’re showin’ jenna’s girl some luv.

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Our Girl Crush On Model Cutie Sandra Kubicka »

Fashion Inspired By Sandra Kubicka
who’s the girl crush?

Sandra Kubicka

her modeling gigs…

everyone from seventeen magazine, delia’s, promgirl and ardene, to macy’s, kohl’s, and roberto cavalli. she was also “the girl” in the romeo santos & lil wayne video for all aboard.

why we’re crushing…

she’s just crazy adorable. she’s in a no-way-to-break-it tie with lily aldridge as our 2 favrit’ models ever. her first major gig was with delia’s, which is one of our major fashion obsessions, so we’ve been gushing over her cuteness since she was a lil’ 15 year old sweetheart.

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Our Girl Crush On T. Swift »

who’s the girl crush?

Taylor Swift

why we’re crushing…

she’s a country girl, so we def claim her as one of our own ;). we’re all crazy obsessed with her music of course (cam and ash have seen her in concert 3 times). she has this brilliant way of taking what’s in the hearts and heads of millions of girls, and creating poetry and music from it all.

we also just think she’s this super beautiful, smart, funny, creative, independent spirit, and we love all of that wrapped up in one girl.

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