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We Heart This

When we’re working on Pretty Princess sometimes what we find is that so cute, awesome, or neat that we just have to share it with y’all here.

We Heart This Black and White Polka Dot Ruffle Bikini »

Black and White Polka Dot Ruffle Bikini
we heart this…

Black and White Polka Dot Ruffle Bikini

why we heart it…

ruffle bikinis are all over lately and we adore them. they’re girly so we love that, but ruffles also “help out” different body types. they add a little extra up top for girls with smaller chest sizes, and then they distract from things like a little extra luv in the tummy :).

the bikini…

we’re crushing on it because it’s cute and smart haha. white on top with black polka dots, and black on bottom with white polka dots. we love the combo because the white “adds weight” to the upper body, and the black slims down the lower body.

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We Heart Pixi Beauty Blush »

Tinkerbell Makeup
we heart this…

Tinkerbell Blush from Pixi Beauty »

why we heart it…

first because we adore Tinkerbell… but we also love good quality, good for your skin makeup. the blush comes in 4 colors and has honeysuckle flower which is anti-inflammatory – so think of your blush fighting wrinkles, flare-ups, and puffiness. it’s also talc free, paraben free, and fragrance free, so yay for natural ingredients.

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We Heart These Chic City Style Boots »

Cheap Sexy Boots
we heart these…

Sexy And Sleek Victoria Boot

why we heart them…

these boots are crazy sexy. they’ve got a city chic feel, and we could totally imagine pairing them with dark skinny jeans or a bodycon dress for a night out, or even pairing them with a classy dress for daytime.

the boots…

a 4″ heel, faux leather boot that comes in black, brown, or taupe.

the price…

originally $54.90, buuuuut at the time of this post, they’re on sale for $39.90.

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We Heart These Pink And Purple Dream Wall Art Decals »

Pink And Purple Dream Wall Art
we heart this…

Pink and Purple Dream Wall Art Decals

why we heart it…

we love the concept of wall art, stickers, and inspiring quotes on walls. words like “dream”, “believe”, “hope”, and “wish” are our favrit’s. we totally believe that what you take in visually on a daily basis affects your thoughts, your mood, and ultimately how you feel about the world and life, so why not make the space you live in like your room, house, apartment, etc., a beautiful space full of positive and motivating images and words?

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