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Lyrics Luv – Just Keep Breathing »

“When heaven seems so far away, and dreams are just a memory, without the dark the light won’t show, remember that you’re not alone… just keep breathing.”

– We The Kings / Just Keep Breathing

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Song Luv – I Won’t Let You Go »

I Won't Let You Go - James Morrison

“Close your eyes and you might believe that there is some way out, open up your heart to me now… If your sky is falling, just take my hand and hold it”

this song always feels like a big hug sayin’ “don’t be scared kid, i got you”… it makes our hearts feel all safe inside. there are a couple different acoustic versions that we can’t get enough of 🙂 .

what’s the song?

I Won’t Let You Go

who’s the artist?

James Morrison

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Lyrics Luv – Don’t You Worry Child »

“You are loved, no mistake, you are perfectly made… see Heaven’s got a plan for you.”

– Anthem Lights / Don’t You Worry Child

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Song Luv – Tell Me What You’re Thinking »

Tell Me What You're Thinking - Say No More

“Tell me what you’re thinking baby as my hand is touching yours…”

one of the sweetest songs ever.of.all.time ♥.

what’s the song?

Tell Me What You’re Thinking

who’s the band?

Say No More

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Lyrics Luv – Hey Laura »

“Are you having sweet dreams, The kind that sweet girls do, Are you sitting wide awake, Thinking about me too. If I had a brush right now, I’d paint you all around me, But all I’ve got is this black pen, And another water color dream.”

– Single File / Hey Laura

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Song Luv – Never »

we could repeat this song for hours. it’s acoustic heaven. so beautiful, honest, raw.

what’s the song?


who’s the band?

All The Luck In The World

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