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A Little Luv In Your Fashion »

what’s the buzz?

Heart Fashion Touches

hearts all over…

febraury is the month where hearts start poppin’ up all over stuff, so we wanted to put together some fashion inspiration with little hearts worked in. think hearts on sweaters and vests, hearts on tees and scarves, heart necklaces, purses and earrings, and even hearts in nail polish. we each put together an outfit in our style with touches of heart love.

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A Little Color In The Cold »

what’s the buzz?

Bringing your favrit’ color into your cold weather fashion.

brighten up…

just because it’s chilly and gray outside, it doesn’t mean your entire wardrobe has to be dull and dreary or drowning in only browns and grays. you can brighten up your basic boots and jeans outfit by pulling your fav color in with a cardigan, a scarf, and some pretty nail polish. we each put together a fall outfit with a little love from our favorite colors.

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We Heart Krissie’s Little Black B-day Dress »

Roxy Babydoll Style Little Black Dress
we heart this…

Krissie’s Little Black B-day Dress

the dress…

strapless little black roxy babydoll dress with a sweetheart neckline and flowy double-layer chiffon skirt.

why we heart it…

krissie wore this dress for her b-day dinner and it was crazy adorable. she dressed it up with pretty heels and a gold heart necklace and wore it as a cocktail dress, but, the babydoll style also makes it cute enough to dress down with a cardigan and some sandals and wear for an everyday dress…

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