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Music Crush: Houses »

Houses - The Band
what’s the crush?


the band…

Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messina

the music…

officially… it’s labeled stuff like ‘ambient indie pop rock’… but to us, their music is poetry, melody, passion, and magic.

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Song Luv – Wake Me Up »

Wake Me Up - Avicii

“Feeling my way through the darkness, guided by a beating heart…”

this song is for the soul searchers, the light seekers, and creative spirits. it reminds us that no matter what the world around us says, we have to be brave enough to dream beyond any doubts or fears, or limitations other people may put on life, and follow the path our heart is calling us to… if you’re an inspired spirit, that’s part of your gift in life… to bring beautiful new things into the world ♥ ♥ ♥

what’s the song?

Wake Me Up

who’s the artist?


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Song Luv – You’re The One For Me »

You're The One For Me - Great Good Fine Ok

this song is chill and sexy, but sweet… it makes us want to dance… or give hugs… or maybe both?

what’s the song?

You’re The One For Me

who’s the artist?

Great Good Fine Ok

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Lyrics Luv – Tenderly »

“So be still when the silence passes through, And tremble when it pulls me far from you, I’m clinging to your breath that touched the wind, Naked in the dark with our eyes open, And we’ll go to sleep again, And our hearts will collide. “

– Houses / Tenderly

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The Soundtrack Of Our Summer »

Summer Songs Mix Tape
what’s the mix?

Our 2013 Summer Soundtrack Mix Tape

the soundtrack of our summer…

our 2013 summer has been filled with fun, friends, and findin’ ourselves. and no matter how we’ve spent our summer days, they’ve all been filled with music from sunrise to sunset. we started crushing on some new songs, and shuffled through our itunes and brought back some old favs. there have been songs we danced to, songs we road tripped to, songs we daydreamed to, songs that inspired us, love songs that made us swoon, songs that gave us comfort and hope, and songs that celebrated summer, sun, and shinin’ our light. so check out our 2013 summer mix tape, and maybe add a lil’ summer song luv to your soundtracks…

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Song Luv – She Makes Me Feel »

She Makes Me Feel - Mansions On The Moon

“And when we take off, I can feel the stars on my fingertips, And when we lay down, We can start a fire out of nothing, And when I wake up the first thought I’m thinking is you…”

jenna pulled this song out of her itunes vault and we’re all crushing on it all over again. everything about this song is passionate, beautiful, sexy, and is what heaven with our sweet boy would feel like to us.

what’s the song?

She Makes Me Feel

who’s the band?

Mansions On The Moon

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