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Little Pieces Of Love »

Love Jewelry
what are the pretty things?

Love Jewelry

the quote…

“One day, you will learn how to give and receive love like an open window and it will feel like summer every day. One day, everything will make sense.” – Sierra DeMulder

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A Little Luv In Your Fashion »

what’s the buzz?

Heart Fashion Touches

hearts all over…

febraury is the month where hearts start poppin’ up all over stuff, so we wanted to put together some fashion inspiration with little hearts worked in. think hearts on sweaters and vests, hearts on tees and scarves, heart necklaces, purses and earrings, and even hearts in nail polish. we each put together an outfit in our style with touches of heart love.

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Color Crush: Elegant Black »

what’s the color crush?

Elegant Black

black symbolism…

elegance, class, sophistication, confidence, romance, mystery and intrigue giving a sense of potential and possibility.

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We Heart This Sweater Top »

Cute Black Sweater Top
we heart this…

Sexy & Elegant Sweater Top

the threads…

fitted ruched detail, v-neck, tunic-length sweater.

why we heart it…

style wise the top is totally jenna meets cameron. the fitted v-neck style is sexy like jenna, and the ruched detail and tunic length give it an elegant feel like cam’s style. it comes in a bunch of different colors, so krissie & ash could get prettied up in it too. the sweater material makes it perfect for staying warm while you’re looking gorgeous, and we each put together a super cute look with the top in our own style.

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Our Crush On Cute Sweater Dresses »

what’s the crush?

Cute Sweater Dresses

why we’re crushing…

in spring and summer when the weather is warm, we live in cute little dresses. but when fall and winter come ’round, and the weather isn’t so dress friendly, the sweater dress is the perfect way to keep wearing dresses all year long. we love to pair them with leggings or boots, and add layers like scarves and vests. we picked out 3 cute styles of sweater dresses and put together a few ways to wear ’em.

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Pretty Things: Heart Necklaces »

Heart Necklaces
what are the pretty things?

Heart Necklaces

what heart necklaces symbolize…

love, romance, adoration, self acceptance, femininity, deep friendship, elegance, and when people give them as gifts they symbolize an unbreakable connection.

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Our Crush On Alloy’s Classic Fall Style »

what’s the crush?

Alloy’s Classic Fall Style

the style…

cozy but sexy sweaters, sleek jeans, chic boots, and trendy bags.

why we’re crushing…

pretty soon the leaves will start turnin’, the sunsets will come sooner, the air will chill down, and it will be time to wrap ourselves up in fall fashion. Alloy is always one of our favorite places to shop in the fall because their style is classic and sexy, so we can stay warm, but still stay fashionable and feel feminine.

we each picked out a sweater, jeans, boots, and a bag from Alloy and put together a fall fashion look in our style.

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