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Lyrics Luv – Soulshine »

“When you can’t find the light that got you through the cloudy days, when the stars ain’t shinin’ bright, you feel like you’ve lost your way, when those candle lights of home burn so very far away, you got to let your soul shine.”

– Allman Brothers Band / Soulshine

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Song Luv – Rock City »

Rock City - Kings Of Leon

“Oh baby I could shake it like a woman…” ♥

what’s the song?

Rock City

who’s the band?

Kings Of Leon

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Song Luv – Country Girl – SAVE »

Country Girl - Ray LaMontagne

“Country girl, the southern kind, Tennessee, on my mind… Lying here with you in the fire glow, I’d swear you was an angel, angel”

this is pretty much the most perfect song these 4 country girls could ever imagine :).

what’s the song?

Country Girl

who’s the artist?

Ray LaMontagne

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Song Luv – Buttons »

Buttons - The Weeks

“Walked you home from the park, Held your hand it was after dark, Hold me close, said she’ll always stay, She kissed my lips and quickly ran away…”

this is another song we majorly started re-crushing on this summer. a lil’ gritty, sexy southern rock from some mississippi boys.

what’s the song?


who’s the band?

The Weeks

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