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Music Crush

mu·sic - (myoo-zik) - noun - an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color
We're super passionate about songs, bands, artists, and music in general and we love to crush on the music we love here!

Music Crush: Timeflies

Timeflies - Cal Shapiro
what's the crush?


the boyz…

Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick

the music…

electro pop and dance mixed with freestyle, hip hop and r&b, and plays around with rock, trance, dubstep, and even a little T. Swift. sooo pretty much totally random – just like our music taste buds :).

why we're crushing…

Preview And Download Timeflies…

krissie just learned a lyrical hip hop routine to their version of “Wild Ones” and taught us all on skype. yup, our little blonde ballet princess has a lil' shoulder bounce and a booty shake – it's seriously cute, kinda like when those adorable little kids do hip hop routines on America's Got Talent, haha :).

but now we're crushing on the Timeflies YouTube channel, and with the vocalist, Cal Shapiro's, music magic. the boy is a freestyle madman(he puts himself on the spot by pulling lyrics out of a pan and working them in like it ain't nothin'), but then he also has this smooth ballad voice that could phase anyone from Robin Thicke to Ryan Tedder. basically he could make you dance all night, or serenade you all sweet like. so check out some of our fav Timeflies and videos and get your own little crush on…

The Timeflies Videos
Wild Ones
Taylor Swift Mix
photo credit:

Timeflies Photo

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